Hand Painted Yellow Brown Violin

Messiah Stradivari Violin 1716 is high reputation in the world . our Replica means make similar size and finish as original only. it’s handmade professional grade aiersi brand violin indeed.


Top : Carved spruce
Back : Nice flame maple  ,One Piece back
side: Nice flame maple
Scroll : solid maple
Neck:Nice flame maple
Color: Antique Yellow Brown
Size: 4/4, 7/8, 3/4

Fingerboard: Ebony
Tailpiece:Ebony with one black-gloden adjuster
Tuner & pegs: Ebony
With Oblong shape foam hard case ,brazilwood violin Bow

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One thought on “Hand Painted Yellow Brown Violin

  1. I am very happy with my new violin. Pierre really listened to what I was looking for and personally picked this wonderful instrument. I am an amateur violinist but I really wanted an instrument I truly enjoy playing and one a professional musician can be proud of, without the price tag. It is light and easy to play. My tone production and vibrato sound so much better. It is almost as if my technique has improved overnight. Somehow even intonation is better, especially in higher positions. The sound is gorgeous.

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