Custom Made Replica Antonio S 1716 Year Advanced Violin

Custom 1716 Year Violin

We just made custom replica 1716 Year high grade violin.   but there has difference descrption for both It is painful to see the mash-up of Italian “Antonio” and Latin “Stradivarius”. It should either be “Antonius Stradivarius” or “Antonio Stradivario”. and we make custom letters provided by customer as below

our customer chose sinomusik iolin model HV20R . it’s hand oil painted high end grade violin , with Messiah Stradivari Violin 1716 body style and size (detail from web )  we provide custom made service including Custom varnished, Custom Logo and Label  .

More Photos

Finally finished Photos

Sinomusik is chinese leading supplier and maker for stringed instruments,especially for violin, Viola, Cello.  we  accept custom logo order, custom finish order and any special requests .

find more sinomusik made violins from facebook page link

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