Replica Antonio Stradivarius Antique Violin


Messiah Stradivari Violin 1716 is high reputation in the world . our Replica means make similar size and finish as original only. it’s handmade professional grade aiersi brand violin indeed.

One Back


Top : Carved spruce
Back : Nice flame maple  ,One Piece back
side: Nice flame maple
Scroll : solid maple
Neck:Nice flame maple
Color: Antique Red Brown
Size: 4/4, 7/8, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4
Fingerboard: Ebony
Tailpiece:Ebony with one black-gloden adjuster
Tuner & pegs: Ebony

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2 thoughts on “Replica Antonio Stradivarius Antique Violin

  1. This is truly an excellent Violin. It has a beautiful sound and it is very impressive looking. I am a classic guitarist wanting to learn to play the Violin. In a few days I learned to use the bow and playing music. I reading bass clef for the first time and learning to play Bach’s Prelude. I am very happy with the excellent quality and construction of the violin and it has a beautiful finish. I bought a number of instruments from Yulong Guo’ s classic concert model for me Guarneri model violins for my wife and this Violin for me and Anna has been very helpful in picking the right instruments and my wife and I want to thank her for all her help in getting the best instrument for us and making sure it arrives safely to us in Philadelphia Pa. United States.

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