88 Weighted Hammer Keys Upright Digital Piano

88 Keys Hammer Touch Respond Electronic Piano/ LCD Display/Piano Button
138 Timbres /98 Rhythms
61 Percussion / 50 Demos/ Chord/ Start / Stop/ Sync/ Insert A, B
Master Volume/ Accompaniment Volume/ Tempo Setting/ Transpose
Keyboard Split/ Dual Tones/ Record/ Playback/ Sustain
Touch Respond/ Metronome/ Echo/ Chorus
Power Jack / Earphone Jack / Line Out/ USB-Midi/ USB Music Player
Size: 137X41X87CM

●DC12V: Special AC / DC power adapter only. When you are using, you should insert the output port of the power adapter into the power interface on the back of the piano, and insert the other side On the back into the socket ( please note that the input voltage of the adapter must be matched.) In order to avoid the component damage and accident , other types of adapters are forbidden to be used. And when the piano is not used, the plug must be pull out.
●AUDIO OUT: The plug of the output line is inserted into the jack of the piano body , the play effect and atmosphere is enhanced through the amplifier.
●AUDIO IN: Allow external sound source playing on the electric piano.
●MIDI OUT/IN : For connected your devices which with MIDI function.
●USB-MIDI (APP) : Loading our specified APP on your mobile phone, tablet PC. Connect your device to the USB-MIDI (APP) port After connected, music which you played in piano can be imported into the computer, and then you could to record, compose, edit through computer software. Computer’s MIDI music also could be input into piano to play. Connection method: 1)Connect your computer to the piano by universal USB cable, and turn on the piano. 2)Install music editing software ( such as: CAKEWALK) in the computer system, and then start the software and select MIDI input port and output port on the software. 3)When you connect the device to the piano, special OTG cable only.

    • Three legendary pianos in one elegant instrument
    • New Harpsichord Tone, mechanical key on/off sounds for pianos
    • String and damper resonance
    • 88 weighted hammer-action keys with realistic ebony and ivory textures
    • Concert Play, Hall Simulator, audio & MIDI recording, and much more
    • Sound Demo

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