Colour 37 Keys Melodica With Hard Case Model ME37B

Colour 37 Keys Melodica With Hard Case Model ME37B

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Aiersi brand 37 key melodica With Hard Case
Available Colour: Black, Red, Pink,Green
Model: ME37B


1.37-key piano style melodica, easy to play and learn. Perfect for teaching little kids or people who are beginning to play the piano as its easy to learn, develop their musical interests.
2.Use phosphor Bronze reed and Copper Base, the better quality materials to provide users with standard tone. Enjoying high quality music education and reduce the misleading sounds of bad instruments.
3.The body is made from ABS non-toxic engineering resin which is healthy and safe. Black body with black and white keys to give you a comfortable feeling, exquisite workmanship and durable.
4.Comes with a good quality bag for easy carrying and storing, and tube, shoulder strap. Perfect for carrying and store. If you look for a gift for kids, it will be a great choice.
5. The melodica keyboard is with musical notation.

37 piano style keys, easy to play and learn.
With the short mouthpiece, you can hold the instrument with one hand (slide your hand under the strap) and play with the other.
With the long bendy straw mouthpiece you can set the melodica on a table and play it like a small keyboard.
Comes with a bag for easy carrying and storing.
Exquisite workmanship and durable.
Both a solo and orchestral wind instrument, blending beautifully with other instruments

Package List:
1 * Melodica
1 * Short Mouthpiece
1 * Long Mouthpiece
1 * Bag


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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A The more keys, the more distinct notes you can play. With 32 keys you may not be able play some melodies without transposing to a different musical key. Unless you have some good reason not to, I'd suggest getting the 37-key version. (On any instrument with a piano-like keyboard, subtract 1 from the number of keys and divide the result by 12 to get the number of octaves. A 37-key melodica covers three full octaves.)
  2. A Yep, I am a learner too, and I learn quickly after buying this melodica.