Aiersi Straight Soprano Golden Saxophone


OEM ODM China made Aiersi Straight Soprano Golden Lacquer Saxophone

Included Warranty

12 Months
Except Human Factors


1 xSoprano Saxophone 1 x Carrying Case 1 x Mouthpiece Set 1 x Cork Grease 2 x Neck 1 x Real Leather Strap(80lb limit) 2 x Shoulder
Strap 1 x White Gloves 1 x Resin Practice Reed 1 x Soft Cloth 1 x Cleaning Brush




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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A No, you can´t do that! This is a so called "free reed" instrument - tones are produced by tiny metal-reeds which can vibrate freely within the gap in the plate which they are riveted onto (as oposed to a saxophone reed which vibrates against the mouthpiece). Vibration is caused by air passing through this gap and being interupted by the reed at the frequency it is tuned to. Therefore you have to blow into a melodica like into a chinese sheng, the several thousand years old instrument all free-reed instruments (harmonica, harmonium, accordion etc.) originate from