How to Choose Violin Strings?

Nylon Vs. Steel Cor

When planning to buy a string instrument such as a violin anytime soon, you need to do thorough market research and find out all details about the instrument you will be getting. The sound and performance of a violin depend on the string you are opting for; therefore, choosing good violin strings is vital for a violinist.

However, choosing the right type of violin strings can be complicated for novices. At least, you must know that there are two types of violin strings, i.e., Nylon and Steel core, and both are pretty different from each other in terms of performance, durability, and sound.

If you’re contemplating the best violin strings for beginners, then continue to read ahead as this article will cover both types in length, helping you become aware of how to choose one from multiple types of violin strings to meet your needs best.

Comparison between Nylon and Steel Core Violin Strings

Before you decide to choose one from different types of violin strings, you need to make your mind on what kind of music you want to play on your violin.

If you are into classical soft folk music, the Nylon strings are the best way to go because they produce a more delicate, warmer, and mellower sound compared to the steel one. The steel-core strings would be heavier than nylon strings, so it is best suited for you if you plan to make rock and party music. It has a high pitch and a louder sound, making it fit for the rock musician in you.

One more aspect by which a violin is defined is its life span, and in this matter, steel core strings have the edge over the nylon strings. The reason is that the nylon strings do not have any pickguards, so if you plan to use a pick instead of your fingers, you might damage the strings within a few attempts. Nylon strings are specifically made to produce soft music and cannot tolerate anything other than your fingers. Hence, if you want to go for a pick, you need steel core strings.

Factors to Consider for Beginners

If you ask us what the best violin strings for beginners are, we can’t name one because it depends on your personal preferences, such as playing feels and the music you are making. However, we would like you to know about a few factors you must consider before making this choice between different types of violin strings.


The string’s tension determines the type of sound it will produce. The higher the tension, the louder the sound. It is one of the essential factors that you must take a look at before choosing the type of violin strings to have the string that best meets your needs.

Tension in steel core strings is a hundred pounds higher than nylon strings, which is why, as we mentioned before, steel core strings produce a higher sound.


The gauge is the size of your string, basically defined by its diameter. Both Nylon and steel core strings come with a range of gauges, from super light to heavy. However, since the flexibility of everyone’s hand is different, you have to find the most suitable gauge by trying different types of them. So, it will take you some time to find the string with a gauge that fits right for your fingers.


The third and one of the most important factors you need to consider is how much you have to spend on buying these strings. Obviously, you need to get the one that is light on your fingers and your pocket. The cost of both Nylon and Steel Core strings is not that different, but it entirely depends on what brand you are opting for.

Benefits of Using Alice A703

If you are looking for the best yet affordable violin strings for beginners, you need to get the Alice Violin Strings. Alice A703 features a bright timbre, which is suitable for 4/4 violins. The special A703 violin strings are for musicians like you, who need the perfect strings to get started.

Our strings are consistent in performance and quality since we select raw materials for the violin strings based on the timbre requirements of bowed instruments. With the day-and-night efforts of our R&D team, Alice A703 violin strings own the following features:

l  Bright-definite treble

l  Rich-forceful bass

l  Good responsiveness

l  Consistent timbre

l  Comfortable feels

Key Takeaway!

Choosing the correct type of violin strings is highly essential, especially if you’re a beginner. However, we understand that finding the best strings and that too within a budgeted price could be a little complicated, which is why we recommend you explore the high-quality violin strings A703 from Alice. At Alice, we have a wide range of violin strings, and we are sure we have the one you need. Check all of our high-quality violin strings and start your journey to music master with Alice now!

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